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Why should I choose certified organic products for my baby?

Did you know? The outer layer of a baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and more permeable than an adult’s skin.

This means that whatever that is applied onto your babies skin will be more freely absorbed into their bodies. As skincare products are not strictly regulated, most of them actually incorporate a long list of toxic synthetic chemicals (which are by the way, cheaper ingredients). These absorbed chemicals will continue to ACCUMULATE with time. As such, it is not surprising that this coincides with the increased number of eczema, asthma and cancer cases over the years.

That is why it is truly important to look at the ingredient labels before you purchase a skincare product for your little one. With Little Innoscents products being ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certified, you can be rest assured that the ingredients used are 100% natural without any icky chemicals!


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