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Our Story

We, as parents ourselves, are aware of many "organic" product brands for baby skin care in the market but most of their organic authenticity are questionable. Since our skin absorbs whatever we apply to it, we should be concern about the products we use on ourselves and our children. Hence, our aim is to offer products which are certified 100% organic by reputable global certification bodies.

Our Vision

We chose the name Madre Natura which means Mother Nature in Italian. As such, we target to market organic skin care products which are made with ingredients, organically sourced from Mother Nature into Malaysia such as Little Innoscents. We are the official sole distributor for Little Innoscents in Malaysia. Our products are specially designed for babies and kids but are also suitable for adults looking for a natural and organic skincare line.

Brands We Carry

Little Innoscents was founded in 2007, after the Director Antonette Golikidis fell pregnant with her second child Antonio. Antonette searched endlessly for baby products that were chemical free and found herself disappointed to find such a limited number of products, which were often difficult to find, too expensive, or offered misleading green washing marketing strategies to persuade you to buy something that wasn’t all what it said it to be.

“I was so tired of ‘pretend’ organic companies misleading consumers with clever marketing strategies which enabled them to promote ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ claims without really having formulations that abide by this claim.”

Then Little Innoscents was born, naturally. Antonette began making the products in her kitchen at home and spent 10 months perfecting the ingredients. She formulated a nappy rash cream, massage lotion, massage oil, body powder, body and hair wash, vapour rub balm and organic soap. The range can also help relieve a wide range of childhood health and skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

As Little Innoscents grew, Antonette began using a Victorian based manufacturing company to create her products and had the product range certified by one of the world’s leading organic certification bodies – Australia Certified Organic (ACO). Antonette is also proud to be on the Committee Board of the BFA Cosmetic Advisory Group.

“It was really important to me to have the Little Innoscents range Australian Certified Organic, because it makes a statement about who Little Innoscents is… it means everything to us and gives our consumers the assurance that our products have been manufactured and handled according to strict guidelines – completely free of chemicals.”

Little Innoscents Malaysia invites you to enjoy the divine range that has come from the results of a long labor of love, hard work and passion!