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Little Innoscents Range

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"The intensive soothing cream instantly softens & smoothens my baby's dry & cracked skin! And it's not greasy upon application. Love that it's organic!" - Ying Ying

"My kids skin feel soft, supple & moist all day. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling like other moisturizer and no more rashes and eczema.I'm so happy because can used this product.Definitely recommend your product to friends!" - Nor Juliana

"Once I received my prize and using it, it smells nice and surprisingly effective too. Nice rich moisturiser for kids!" - Susan Chow

"I have eczema myself..i use the hair n body wash for almost two weeks smells nice and surprisingly effective doesn't dried out my skin..i have tried many products before but this one is highly recommended!" - Alya Aquilla

"Makes my skin feel soft, supple & moist all day. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling like other moisturizer in the market. Definitely recommend your product to friends!" - Jeslyn Yip

"I have received the sun lotion for try out. Used for a week now, I can tell that the lotion, as an overall, it's good. The ingredients list is simple, no fragrance added. The texture is non-greasy. Sensitive skin folks can go for it. I would continue to apply the lotion for protection." - Skylar Yii

"My daughter love the lotion so much.she always smell her skin after i apply on her.her skin so smooth & not make skin oily." - Zuliana Zulkifli

"I was gastric last night, and I used the sample given which is winter blues balm, I put it on my stomach and massage gently, is feeling much better~ The product is suitable for the whole family~" - Joylyn Tie

"Thank you little innoscents malaysia for sending me winter blu balms sample. It was the perfect timing as my son having a flu, and cough all the time, after i rub to his back n front chest, leg and nose , he sleep soundlessly all night long." - Adina Fadzil

"Tried it on my daughter's sensitive skin right after bath. She loves the scent and she happily applies it to her own arms. She smells lovely afterwards and her skin feels soft and smooth! I find it light weight and quickly absorbing. Nice rich moisturiser for kids" - Medina Sue

"Sun lotion non sticky after apply on the skin,it also suitable for sensitive skin and all products is natural..Like it!" - Winnie Twy

"Tried the body lotion on my hand since ive got some itchy dry patches and it soothes real fast! Major love !!!" - Nur Amalina

"The best lotion I've use so far! Bought one for my mom as she has eczema, and this lotion is really moisturizing and able to calm redness on her sensitive skin. Highly recommended